1   WP-24W Torch Body Water Cooled
1-1 53N66 Cup Casket
2   WP-24W Torch Body With 90°Head Water Cooled
3   WP-24G Torch Body Air cooled 
4   WP-25G Torch Body With 90°Head  Air cooled
5 53N15 Collet 0.5mm
  53N16 Collet 1.0mm
  53N14 Collet 1.6mm
  24C332 Collet 2.4mm
6 53N17 Collet Body 0.5mm
  53N18 Collet Body 1.0mm
  53N19 Collet Body 1.6mm
  24CB332 Collet Body 2.4mm
7 A53N24 Standard nozzle#4 6.4mm
  A53N25 Standard nozzle#5 8mm
  A53N27 Standard nozzle#6 9.6mm
8 56Y38R Power Cable 1 Piece 12ft Rubber
  56Y97R Power Cable 1 Piece 25ft Rubber
8-1   Hose Clamp
8-2 56Y39 Current Nipple 
9 45V03-12 Power Cable 12ft for WP-20/22/25
  45V04-25 Power Cable 25ft for WP-20/22/26
9-1 45V05 Current Nipple for WP-20-22/25
9-2 10N18 Power Cable Nut 
9-3 45V06  Current Nipple for WP-20/22/25
10   Gas Hose 12ft
    Gas Hose 25ft
10-1 136Z08 Gas Nut
10-2   Gas Nut Panasonic 12.9mm
10-3 11N22 Nipple 12.5/5.0mm/28L
11   Water Hose 12ft
    Water Hose 25ft
11-1 11N83 Water Nut
11-2   Water Nut for Panasonic
12   Current ADJ.Handle